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Nothing but false promises make false resume,fake educational in resumes,proxy interviews for fresh international students out from college. Because of this company I lost my time, money , self-esteem and peace of mind. Please be aware of this consultancy. I just dont want anyone to get cheated. Its from my personal experience. wasn't arranged for a single interview. So friends....beware of this consultancy. Think a lot and try to do lot of research before joining this consultancy.Whatever I said above is true to my conscience.Never except to get green card from them beware in advance.


Edison, New Jersey, United States #1308667

That is 100% Accurate. I worked with them for more than 5 years and decided to get rid of them ( I should have done that earlier). This company should be reported to labor department for unlawful practice of Employement.


The worst company!! everything is fake

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